Five Easy Ways to Ruin a Ski Holiday

Nobody ever has or ever will embark upon a ski holiday with the intention of coming home with a headful of memories they wish they could forget. Likewise, none would ever like to see their ski trip come to an abrupt halt and waste both their hard earned money and time. However, Brits in record numbers are proving to be their own worst enemies when it comes to making a ski jaunt one to remember for all the wrong reasons, finding new and creative ways every single day to destroy their holidays in an instant.

Lessons may be learned by some, but history seems doomed to keep repeating itself both on and off the slopes, so considering the following examples of ways in which you’re guaranteed to come a cropper if you decide to follow suit:

Make Jokes at the Airport

Oh, how hilarious it is to tell the check-in staff at the airport that your ski bag is actually hiding two enormous guns and your sandwiches are laced with semtex. Yeah – about as funny as your tickets being cancelled followed by a long, deep body cavity search and an eventual appearance before magistrates. Not only have these kinds of jokes never gone down well, but airport staff are so sick of hearing them that they’ll throw the book at you just to prove a point. Please…don’t do it.

Overestimate Your Skills

Assuming you make it, always try to exercise a little humbleness and tackle slopes slightly below your ability to get started. Even the best of us gets rusty, while first timers have no excuses for thinking they will be an instant legend of the piste and hitting a black run on their very first attempt. In the case of the latter, you’ll be lucky to get away without killing yourself and taking several innocent bystanders down with you.

Overindulge Pre-Ski

Chances are that you, yours and those around you will be getting right into the spirit of the holiday from the earliest possible hour and you might even find a shot or two going round with breakfast. Sadly, there are no stories in human history of a person getting drunk as a skunk before hitting the slopes and actually coming out smelling or roses. Conversely, there are dozens concerning drunken morons breaking every bone in their bodies, or being arrested for endangering public health and safety.

Overindulge Post-Ski

In a similar vein, getting wasted at the end of the day might seem like a great idea to celebrate not maiming yourself or anyone else on the slopes, but getting back on them the next day with a howling hangover is almost as dangerous as skiing drunk. Bottom line – you need your wits about you to rule out coming home early…and in a box.

Refuse to Disconnect

Last but not least, one great way of allowing your whole holiday to slip by without coming close to revelling in it is refusing to disconnect from your online peers back home. Yes, you want to post EVERY SINGLE photo to Facebook the second you take it, yes you want to Tweet your every move and yes you want to see who cheated on their wives at the office Christmas party, but this is all stuff you can catch up on later and really isn’t just cause for monopolising your whole trip…is it?