Ski School: Rookie Mistakes You’ll Wish you Never Made

Everyone has their own idea of ski school 101 – i.e. the fundamental basics anyone should come to terms with before considering a foray on the slopes. On the flipside of the equation however there are just as many examples of what NOT to do as a rookie and there are of what any polite and sensible skier should be doing as standard. Skiing-lesson-ski-accommodation-blog

So, with this lesser-covered category in mind, here are five of the most common rookie mistakes of all which frankly should be taken heed of and ideally never made:

Avoiding Instruction

Even if it means just 30-minutes with an instructor for a few quid, those that have never in their lives strapped on a pair of skis should never pass up a remedial introductory lesson. There are certain basics including how to fall safely, how to traverse the run after a fall, how to get back up and so on that you really cannot figure out in any safe way other than via instruction. Mistake number one is thinking you already know enough to get started – you don’t!

Ignoring Right of Way

Another incredibly common mistake on the slopes concenrs exactly who has the right of way – a mistake responsible for accidents and ensuing fights pretty much every minute of every day. There is nothing complicated about it – the skier in front always has the right of way as there is little to no way of them knowing what is going on behind them. If you can see someone anywhere in front of you – in your path or otherwise – accept that they have the right of way and you must safely avoid them.

Cutting Lift Lines

Ski etiquette is far from confined to the slopes and there are dozens of other ways to make a positive or negative name for yourself. However, cutting lift lines is one of the biggest pet-peeves of pro and amateur skiers alike, not to mention some lift operators. Make yourself known as the selfish type this way and you can pretty much rule out any courtesy or help from those around you as and when your need it…which you might.

“Dutch Courage”

I was once advised by a ski instructor to have a half shot of schnapps before heading out on a day I was particularly nervous. My friend however took this as the green light to neck half the bottle – guess which one of us ended up in a world of pain by mid-morning? Common sense please…

Pigging Out

It isn’t just booze either – take more than your fair fill of the breakfast/lunch buffet and you can guarantee you will regret it. Hitting the slopes is a bit like hitting the gym in terms of the exercise and the energy you’ll use – would you really go for a workout after an enormous fried breakfast, three cups of hot chocolate and two cigarettes? Not unless you want to see it in reverse, that is.

Misunderstanding Run Difficulty

Last but not least, don’t become another statistic that for some reason got the idea that black meant baby runs and green was for the pros – this is a painful lesson to learn the hard way.

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