When’s the Best Time for a French Alps Ski Holiday?

Ask the above question to anyone that has ever been to this dreamy corner of the world and chances are that every last one will have a different answer. Truth is, it depends what you’re looking from a ski holiday and therefore while there is no right and wrong time to visit per se, there IS a right and a wrong time for everyone on a person by person basis.

So, if wondering when to make that booking, consider the following useful snippets:


December to Early January

Most resorts in the French Alps don’t really kick into high gear until the week before Christmas, but from mid-December until the beginning of the New Year there are some amazing times to be had in terms of both snow conditions and ambience. Without doubt there are few places on Earth to celebrate Christmas and the New Year like the French Alps, though the downside is there aren’t too many hours of daylight and prices have a habit of going through the roof.

January to Mid-February

A chunk of time craftily positioned outside of standard school holidays, this can be one of the best times of year to go for anyone looking for lower prices and generally quieter slopes and resorts – MUCH quieter. The only downside here is that the days in the early stages are still a bit on the short side and the weather can be rather on the nippy side – understatement of the year.

February Holidays

This is the block that is somehow the most popular and also the one most advised to be avoided at all costs – quite the paradox. We’re taking a week or two of utter chaos across most of the leading resorts in the French Alps, as the accommodation and ski lifts are put through their paces by the continent’s families. That being said, this is one of the most social times to go, the weather is usually good, days are longer and the kids are guaranteed to find others their age to keep them busy. Pricey, though.

Up to Easter

The snow may be heading toward its lesser stages but this is more than made up for by the dreamy weather and longer days as we head into the period just before Easter. This isn’t the right time to be chasing the best off-piste runs – unless avalanches are your thing – but for the rest of us there are quiet slopes and plenty and bright hours every day to enjoy.

Easter Holidays

Another time of ‘enjoyable’ family chaos and arguably the best time of the year to get kids on the slopes for the first time – the weather is usually the most comfortable. This is also high season for sunburn, so never underestimate the need for good sunblock. Prices questionable.

Later Still

It isn’t to say you’ll struggle to find any snow left in the weeks following Easter, but you will have to target your search more toward glacier skiing – Three Valleys and Espace Killy, for example. These are great times to go if you’re happy to ski with the sunrise and call it a day in the early afternoon for a few hours enjoying the spring off the slopes – prices are also a steal when you find a deal.

So now that you know when is the best time for your ski holiday, book one of the amazing Snowed Inn Chalets in Serre Chevalier!