Five Reason to Never Overlook a Ski Lesson

Skiers at all levels are to some extent guilty of poo-pooing the offer of ski lessons from time to time – all of whom of course have their apparent good reasons. Some think they are above the idea of lessons, some think there are better ways to learn, others take pride in going it alone, some question the costs and so on and so forth. On the surface there are therefore many reasons why a person may overlook a ski lesson, but on the more realistic and proactive side of the equation there are also infinite reasons why a ski lesson should never be overlooked.SAF-Ski lesson

So, in the absence of the time required to list them all, here are the top three reasons to never pass up ski tuition, according to the pros:

Learning Something New

Unless you can say with 100% honesty that you know everything there is to know on Earth…which you don’t…there is always something interesting and useful to learn from a ski lesson. From tips on perfecting techniques to little known facts about mountains to resort secrets to technological advances and even to little-known tidbits on predicting weather cycles, it is unlikely that a person will ever come away from a ski lesson without at least one golden nugget they might just need in the future.

Health and Safety

Not only are ski lessons crucial for the health and safety of those just getting started, but even those that are on their way to competence may find that a lesson is able to highlight some of the bad habits they’ve picked up along the way. What’s more, health and safety does not just begin and end with technique, but goes on to other things like judging terrain, observing the weather, knowing how to cope in a crisis and looking out for the best interests of other skiers on and off the slopes.

Increasing Efficiency

While the effort a skier puts in will always have marked effect on his or her performance, it is also crucial to ensure that all efforts are invested wisely and efficiently. It is often said that there is no specific right or wrong way to ski, and this may be so, but there are certain efficient and inefficient ways to get the job done. A lesson is an excellent way to pick up tips on how to invest efforts more wisely and get even more out of skiing for less effort.

New Challenges

Those at higher levels are always on the lookout for new challenges and a ski lesson is ideal to find out the various ways and means by which skiers can push themselves, even on the easiest terrain. There are so many activities, drills and exercises that can be used to make easy terrain much more of a challenge, many of which are not commonly known.SAF-Ski lesson1


Last but not least, there are few better environments to find like-minded people with similar interests than in organised ski lessons. Make friends, share tips, offer advice and generally make the most of what is inherently supposed to be a wonderfully social community.

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