How to Ski for Cheap…VERY Cheap

Is it possible to get into the wild and wacky world of skiing for free? Of course not…as much of a shame as it is. However, ask if it is possible to ski without having to consider a remortgage on the family home and the answer is surprisingly different.

SAF-Ski Cheap

The people of the UK seem to have got it into their heads that skiing in, say, the French Alps or the Dolomites is something that is reserved for only the ‘crème de la crème’ of society, where money is no problem and people can happily hand over a month’s wages just to score a 24-hour lift pass. True, head to Aspen in Colorado and chances are you won’t get near the powder without bleeding your account dry, but when it comes to Europe it is entirely possible to ski for cheap…maybe even VERY cheap…if willing to exercise a little cunning.

Not convinced? Think about it:

Ski Clothes

The ski fashion scene has seasons and styles just as every other market and activity the world over. So, this in turn means that there will always be thousands of garments and essential accessories that have long gone out of style and been replaced by this season’s newest ski chic. What this translates to is a cavalcade of past-season bargains for anyone that doesn’t mind the idea of hitting the slopes looking like the original 1983 throwback. True, a neon pink and yellow striped all in one ski suit from eBay won’t win you any fashion points, but will save you a fortune and make sure everyone on the slopes can see you coming.


Check out where you’re thinking of going and look up the price to rent gear when you get there. In some instances you’ll be surprised to find that you’d be better off hitting the same aforementioned online resale site…or any for that matter…and picking up a bargain-basement board or pair of skis, rather than pay to hire them every day. If you’re planning on flying with a budget airline, don’t even think about taking your own gear along on a budget as you will be fleeced.

Bulk Up

Looking for a tip on how to get one back on UK airports hell bent on charging the Earth for luggage? Take cabin baggage only and travel wearing your entire weekend’s worth of clothing all at the same time. For hygiene purposes feel free to stuff your clean underwear in your pockets…there’s no rule against any of this!


If at least say three of you are going and you’re up for a challenge, chances are you’ll save a fortune on airfare and baggage fees by loading up the car and driving. Or maybe looking into coach or train travel to link up with resort transfer services.


Last but not least, look into all the most popular times for the continent’s avid skiers to hit the slopes, then plan to go a few weeks before or after they arrive – never go with the masses. True, skiing out of peak-season might be a slightly bleaker and more chilly affair…quite the understatement…but you can always stock up on several pairs of additional 1980s ski socks to complement that neon outfit and the mullet hairdo you just know you’ve always wanted.

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