Five Top Tips for BEFORE You Hit the Slopes

The number of searches carried out every day for ski tips to make use of when hitting the slopes is phenomenal to say the least. From first-timers through to the more seasoned skiers at every level, it seems everyone is looking for a few golden insights as to how they might get the most out of their experience and maybe even have the chance to show off a little.

However, rather than looking for ways and means to enhance a ski jaunt once on the slopes, those with a head for common sense should know that it is what you do BEFORE heading off that can make all the difference in the world. So, as an alternative to the million and one tips and tricks to strut your stuff once you’d made your way to the French Alps or wherever, here are five tops tips from the pros to consider before getting anywhere near a real mountain.

SAF-Get FitGet Fit

Dive into a ski break head-first after a winter spent mostly on the couch and your enthusiasm will be rewarded with little more than sprains, strains and any number of pains. Of course, you can bend and stretch to your heart’s content before each run, but if you’re really looking to benefit from the encounter you must be willing to put in the hours beforehand. Hit the gym, take up jogging or even just start walking instead of catching the bus – make the effort to get a little fitter before heading off and you’ll be able to enjoy better skiing for longer, every day you’re there.

SAF-Ski GearKit Up

Sure your kit might have been right on the money when you bought it a decade ago, but advancements are made for a reason. Nowadays, ski gear and clothing are lighter, tougher and more affordable than ever before, leaving little to no reason not to invest in a few new bits of kit before heading off. There’s also no better way of feeling the part on the slopes than looking the part.

SAF-Ski IndoorsBone Up New Skills

Chances are you don’t live too far from an artificial slope of some description, so why wait until you get to the resort to try out a few new skills? Whether it’s learning the basics or perfecting your 720 landing, anything you polish up on this end means more time to enjoy it on the other.

SAF-GadgetsGo-Go Gadget Safety

For the more adventurous types with a penchant for straying from marked ski runs and heading for pastures unknown, there is no longer any reason not to do so with the utmost safety. From first aid kits to rescue flares to GPS locators and hundreds of other besides, safety gadgets and gizmos are given away for next to nothing these days and should never, ever be overlooked.

Share the Love

Last but not least, why not make this the year that your oh-so-serious break to the slopes becomes a more light-hearted affair and bring the family along for the ride? Having family members and kids around adds a whole new dynamic to a ski trip and chances are you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t go all together a long time ago.

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