La Plagne in a Nutshell


Of all the resorts in the French Alps, one of the names that often goes overlooked in terms of first-picks for the masses is La Plagne – and what a shame this is!

Rather than a single resort in its own right, La Plagne is in fact the collective name of a group of purpose-built ski villages and resorts high up in the Tarentaise area. What’s more, the 2003 link between La Plagne and Les Arcs has opened up literally infinite new opportunities for those looking to get much more than then average from their ski jaunts.

By its own merit alone however, La Plagne is a force to be reckoned with and has pistes measuring in at a combined 225 km – plenty by anyone’s standards. What’s more, diversity is the name of the game and those hitting the hills will find 10 green slopes, 69 blue slopes, 33 reds and 18 black runs all within easy reach. In addition, the area is served by around 360 snow cannons, which means that even if Mother Nature isn’t exactly delivering the goods, conditions will always be right up there with the best.

In total, there are six resorts at La Plagne between altitudes of 1250 metres and 3250 metres, which are all ski in and out resorts.

Right at the top, Aime la Plagne is a bit on the weird side to look at with a central building that essentially looks as though a massive ship has fallen from the sky and landed precariously on the mountain top. Nevertheless, it does its job to a tee and carries a permanent cable car link to the center of La Plagne.

Speaking of which, the Plagne Centre is unsurprisingly the centre point of the resorts and sits at a height of 1970 meters. One look and you’ll know it’s a resort from the 70s and purpose built for tourists, but if you’re into this particular kind of retro chic you’ll be delighted!

Anyone wanting to make the most of their time on the slopes would be wise to head to Plagne Bellecote, which is a little more than one massive building and offers the fastest and easiest access to both the snow park and the glacier.

A slightly more relaxed vibe can be found at 2050 metres at Belle Plagne, which out of all the resorts probably does the best job of hiding the fact that it was purpose built, even though it very much was. Plagne 1800 has probably the most charming setting of all, with the equally purpose-build apartment blocks being quite nicely flanked and surrounded by pines…very pretty indeed.

And then there’s Plagne Village, which certainly has more of a village feel and serves up more houses with pointy roofs to really drive home that alpine vibe.

Truth is, whichever of the resorts you pick will only really have a bearing on the aesthetics of your trip – the skiing and boarding across the region is absolutely spot-on for every age and ability across the board. Yep, it isn’t the best looking place in the French Alps, but are you going to ski or gaze lazily at the buildings around you?


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