Why Not to Miss Out on Megeve

Most ski resorts across the French Alps would kill to have even half the reputation of Megeve, which continues to be celebrated for so many reasons. Some are in love with the town’s rustic charm, others are celebrating its on-going renaissance and then there are those who swear by Megeve as the resort by which almost all other luxury ski destinations across the Alps were inspired.

Indeed, way before Courchevel even had its name on the map in terms of being a chic and fashionable place to hit the slopes, the billionaires of the world and glitterati of the ski industry made a beeline for Megeve. This quaint haunt in the heart of the Haute-Savoie really was about as cosmopolitan and exclusive as any in the world and never failed to attract only the most high-brow of visitors.



In fact, Megeve’s reputation as a place for the ultra-chic and discerning skiers dates right back to the beginning of the 1900s.



Today however the secret’s out and it’s never been easier to gain access to a place once reserved for only the most elite reaches of society. As such, travellers from all over the world are at long last revelling in the delights of Megeve, which it has to be said have only grown more abundant and richer over the decades.

Along with rubbing shoulders with Europe’s high-flyers, an abundance of Russian billionaires and so many socialites you know have no intention of ever strapping on even a single ski, the cross-country runs and world-class down-hills of Megeve are up there with the best in the world today. The three main ski areas in Megeve are Le Jaillet, Mont d’Arbois and Rochebrune and offer practically limitless potential.

SAF-Megeve2Even those still getting to grips with the basics will never feel out of their depth, as Megeve is blessed with an abundant variety of nursery slopes spanning all three of the main ski areas and within easy reach from all parts of town. Those looking for thrills by the bucketload on the other hand will find all the white-knuckle slopes they could ever wish for at Mont d’Arbois.

But it isn’t all about the slopes themselves in Megeve, as the town’s Alpine charm takes on a whole new dynamic around the stunningly picturesque town centre. Watched over by the imposing and frankly stunning medieval church tower, the heart of the village boasts an armada of high-end hotels, Michelin-quality restaurants, traditional cafés, upmarket bars, boutique stores and even a couple of nightclubs hidden mercifully from sight.

Insiders often cite Megeve as one of the best places in the world to take a ski lesson, with the reputed French Ski School offering a remarkable range of courses from the classic French ski method right through to top-level ski acrobatics.

And for those looking for an off-piste thrill, there are so many opportunities for excursions like hiking, nature-stalking and even dog-sledding all over the region that you simply cannot lose!



There are so many reasons to try out Megeve this year and really none to once again let it pass you by.



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