Booking Ahead – Why You’ll Wish You Did!

Some people will argue until blue in the face that there is no right or wrong when it comes to booking in advance Vs turning up and sorting it out on the day. Assuming however that you’re looking for your French Alps ski holiday to be an outright pleasure and a positive experience however, ‘they’ could not be more wrong.


Sure there might be times and places where the contrary rings true, but you can rest assured with 100% certainty that if you don’t book ahead before hitting the Alps, you’ll regret it. Exactly how much varies, but across the board you stand to lose so much by not erring with caution and covering all bases before you set off.


SAF-Swiss ChaletThere’s barely a time of year when you can’t show up to any French Alps resort and find somewhere to stay – there are millions of rooms, chalets and waiting beds. However, the most desirable, affordable and close to the action are always the first to be booked up, which means that those turning up on the day and hoping for the best will indeed find a room, but chances are it will be considerably less desirable, significantly less affordable and perhaps miles away from where you were hoping to be. What’s more, it’s also worth bearing in mind that the most family-friendly ski resorts in any given region will always fill up in advance, meaning that for those travelling with kids pre-booking should be considered mandatory.

 Car Hire

 SAF-Car RentalCar hire you can pretty much bank on being readily available 365 days a year and takes just minutes to organise on arrival, but this is again no reason to take the booking process for granted. Why? Quite simply for the fact that booking in advance can lead to savings as high as a staggering 75%, along with ensuring that the vehicle you’re offered is actually right for your needs. Unpleasant a thought as it may be, car hire firms know you’ve little choice when arranging things at the last minute and therefore usually won’t shy away from fobbing you off with something mediocre for a beyond premium price.

 Airport Transfers

SAF-Airport TransferOrganised transfer services run all year-round to most French Alps resorts and some swear by just turning up. However, booking in advance can not only lead to ticket prices savings of over 50%, but also rule out having to queue for an hour and a half upon arrival with a thousand others all looking to get to Les Arcs. Quite simply, this is one example where there is nothing whatsoever to gain by choosing not to book in advance.

 Ski Hire

SAF-Ski HireLast but not least, there are even plenty of resorts around the French Alps now that will allow visitors to pay a deposit and reserve their ski equipment in advance. The benefits of doing so include lower prices, shorter queues and the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will indeed have your size ski boots and thus won’t be causing you agony for the next fortnight.


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