French Alps for Families – What to Consider when Taking the Kids Along

SAF-Kids SkiMore families than ever before are taking their kids along on French Alps ski holidays, most of whom are finding it to have been the best decision they could ever have made. There’s really nothing average about a family ski holiday when it comes to making memories and bonding, but it has to be said that it’s not exactly the kind of holiday that qualifies as risk-free or without its unique list of concerns.

Nevertheless, it’s most just a case of simple common sense and covering all necessary bases in advance, rather than allowing fate to have the final say in what does and doesn’t occur. So, if looking to side with the former and leave the latter out of the equation, here’s a quick rundown of the experts’ top points of consideration when taking the kids to the French Alps for a break:

Family Friendly or Friendly

Always a huge point of contention, everyone seems to have a different definition of what family-friendliness really is. Assuming you’re taking the kids skiing for the first time however, family-friendliness really should mean plenty of amenities for kids both on and off the slopes, ski schools or ski nurseries to get them up and running, impeccable safety records, kid-friendly dining options and a general hotel/chalet that isn’t a death-trap for a hyperactive child. Roughly translated, you need to be on the lookout for a resort that quantifies what the term means, rather than presenting your kids with a box of crayons upon check-in and summarily leaving you to it.


Kids love planes and trains, though seem to hate transfer coaches with a passion. Why? Probably because they’ve already been on enough buses for the novelty to wear off, but the reason is by the by. What’s not however is the importance of choosing a French Alps ski resort that’s ideally as close to your arrival airport as possible, in order to minimise transfer times and as such the chances of screaming tantrums. If travelling via Geneva Airport for example, it might be a good idea to consider resorts like Le Grand Bornand which is only about 55 minutes away.

Ski Gear

Even if you’ve already built up a decent cache of gear, don’t forget that you need to factor in carrying and transporting the stuff along with your luggage, your kids and their luggage. The logistics of it all can quickly get out of hand and therefore unless you know exactly what you’re in for, it’s never a bad idea to consider travelling light and hiring gear on your arrival. It might not be the cheapest option, but the hassle it can save is priceless.

Booking Ahead

Last up, when it comes to finding accommodation or booking airport transfers, it’s perfectly possible to do all of this and more from the airport arrivals hall – any time of the year. However, to opt for this approach will not only see you probably with fewer options, but also considerably out of pocket and forced to queue in lines that could eat into your trip by several hours. As such, the best advice is to book ahead literally EVERYTHING you possibly can in order to save a small fortune in the process and rule out any delays and ensuing tantrums when you arrive.

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