Top Tips for Scoring the Best Deals on Ski Accommodation

SAF-Holiday PlanningSkiing has never been and sadly never will be the most bargain-basement of pursuits, though is of course worth every penny and more. Lucky for most us, skiing is at least no longer reserved for the very upper-echelons of society and even those of us holidaying on a shoestring are finding savvy ways and means to hit the slopes without taking too big a hit to the wallet.

We are firm advocates for milking enjoyment out of the lowest expenditures possible…and damn proud of it too!

By now, you and I should both be very much aware of the fact that independent or direct booking with no middle-men to speak of is the best way to keep costs low and eliminate premiums and commissions. However, there are still various other ways you can score some serious savings along the way, particularly when it comes to booking your accommodation.

From ski lodges to chalets to hostels and right through to five-star hotels and resorts, here are some top picks in terms of how you can make sure your deal is the best to be had every time:

Far and Wide

Rather than taking a look at each and every option you can find on a one-by-one basis, use something of an aggregated search site or service online that brings you dozens, maybe even hundreds of results all at the same time. You can then filter through these and find the best option for you and your lot, based on price, standards, location or anything else of importance.

Book Ahead

Generally speaking, the cheapest rooms and the best deals are always the first to go – unsurprisingly – which in turn means that the further ahead you enquire, the more you stand to save. Opt for a service with a free cancellation policy and there’s no risk involved in booking ahead as far as you like!


And as if to contradict the above point, never forget the power of the last-minute booking when it comes to serious savings. More often than not, it will be the aforementioned search sites that offer greatest access to last minute deals, as some providers actually increase the prices of their accommodation closer to the arrival date.


Sign Up

Sign up to a service that allows you to create a free online account, submit a single query and have all the information from hundreds of top-end providers returned in no time. These services effectively do the job of a travel agent, only 100% free of charge, with no commissions added to the final costs and covering all available accommodation options without bias or restrictions.


If a comparable accommodation provider has offered you a rate significantly lower than your first choice, don’t be afraid to contact them and inform them you’ve been offered a better deal elsewhere – some will be more than happy to match their rates.


Never forget that self-catering options are usually far cheaper than full-service hotels, with the added bonus of the former being the inclusion of your own kitchen and dining space!

Group Up

SAF-Ski GroupLast but not least, taking a group of six people to stay in a single sprawling apartment will usually work out leagues cheaper than opting for three or six separate hotel rooms – which would of course be entirely less social and fun, wouldn’t it?

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