How to Avoid Any Winter Holiday Disasters!

Everyone’s had at least one holiday which has turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. Whether it’s because the hotel you booked and which the travel agent assured you would be ready is still waiting for its windows to be fitted, or your neighbours are what you can only describe as the hardest party animals you’ve ever had chance to meet.  Maybe you’ve been skiing and it snowed so much all week that you couldn’t see your hand when it was right in front of your face, making any time on the slopes a lesson akin to snow training in the marines or maybe you spent your winter holiday in hospital. Whatever issues arise, the best way to deal with any emergencies is to try to be prepared.


Ski holidays by their very nature carry more risk than a week lying on the beach on the Costa del Sol. The most important thing to organise before you leave the UK is your winter holiday insurance; with a good insurance policy any problems which might arise are usually covered, meaning that you shouldn’t be left too out of pocket.  As well as the usual cover for flights and luggage, make sure it covers any medical problems that arise due to the sport you are planning on doing, and if you’re planning on skiing off piste, make sure it covers that too (a lot of them don’t). You can also purchase extra insurance when you purchase your lift pass (this goes by several names Carte Neige, Snow Risk etc.). These policies usually do not cover any medical treatment in hospital; they simply cover the cost of transport to the hospital from the mountain (and trust me, with helicopter rescues charging something like £75.00 per minute it is not a cost you can easily cover yourself). Check to make sure your insurance covers both the rescue and the subsequent treatment, as these insurance policies are often full of loop holes which you do not want your problem to fall into.

Of course, medical accidents are not that common, but it is always better to be safe than sorry; I can think back to when I was 14, skiing in Chatel ,my brothers appendix burst whilst we were there, without the insurance cover the two weeks of treatment he received would have meant my parents would have been faced with a medical bill somewhere around the twenty grand mark.  When you purchase a policy make sure that you read it carefully and understand what it does and doesn’t cover; if it covers equipment loss etc. there will usually be a limit on how much they will pay out, and a protocol you need to follow. Make sure you inform the insurance company as soon as it becomes clear you will need to make a claim, and if you have lost kit or had items stolen you will usually need to report it to the local Gendarme to receive a report. Having a good insurance policy and feeling assured they will cover any problems which arise will mean that  if a problem does occur the whole experience will be less stressful.

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Apart from an emergency arising from accidents, there are many other things which, although not as serious as a medical problem, could possibly cause a blip on your ski holiday. If it is an accommodation problem that you experience then it is best to make a note of any problems which have arisen (photography evidence is a good idea) and to bring it up with the property owners. If you have noisy neighbours on your holiday then it is best to ask the neighbours themselves to turn it down, before going over their heads to hotel managers, just because you have to put up with them all week and if they take a dislike to you they have a lot of control over your holiday experience!

Ski holidays rely on snow, if there’s a distinct lack of it then it can obviously affect how much you enjoy your holiday, if it is snowing all week then that can also affect the holidaying mood! The best way to deal with this is to make preparations before you arrive; if you are skiing in April the likelihood is the snow is not going to be great, however if you are after a relaxing week with a bit of skiing thrown in then this is a great time to go away as prices tend to be lower. Make sure you know of all the other activities available in resort which don’t necessarily rely on snow, so if the snow level is low then you will still have more to do. If it is snowing heavily all week then make sure you have the right clothes which will endure it and keep you nice and cosy (especially if you have kids). You can plan your days around different restaurant stops for hot chocolate or mulled wine to warm you up, now is also a great time to make the most of the apres scene! If it is snowing all week then the snow is going to be fantastic but visibility will be low, make sure you stay warm and have the correct eye wear to allow you to make the most of the conditions you are in.

Finally, last minute issues can always arise when you’re on holiday, whether you want a day (or evening) without the kids and can’t find a babysitter, or you want to make the most of your time on the slopes and order a food delivery, or you fancy treating yourself to a little tlc, we can help you. Snow Organiser is your one stop shop for anything you might need before or during your holiday, whatever your emergency or request we will always endeavour to help you, so whatever you need, give us a call or a text, or drop us an email and we can help make sure your holiday is as fantastic as it should be!

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