Marmalade Ski School’s Tip of the Week – Stand on Outside Ski

Hello, we are Marmalade Ski School based in Meribel, France. We are a small team of instructors who simply still love to go skiing for ourselves and are continually striving to improve our own skiing performance and our coaching abilities.

None of it is massively new – we are not reinventing the wheel  – but we believe that staying up to date with current skiing technique, which is forever evolving, along with ski design promotes an enthusiasm and motivation that makes a huge difference to the lessons we deliver.

As a ski school we specialise in taking skiers who are already up and running and showing them how to get more out of their skis and how to improve their performance. That said we still offer beginner lessons and love getting people started on their skiing career whatever the age.

Each week we produce a short video with some simple and effective ideas. Not all of them are technical skiing tips but we also let you know about tactics and general good to know facts or suggestions on how to improve your time on the hill.

This is one of our first videos from last season – it’s simply a great exercise to help you kick start your day, week or season. One of the oldest ski school exercises and still a useful and firm favourite.

We are Marmalade – come say hello!