Take The Frozen Underground To All Your Favourite Ski Resorts: Next Stop Val d’Isère!

Frozen Underground are the creators and producers of the world-wide iconic art snow phenomenon: maps based on the classic London Underground system with a heap of snowy fun thrown in. If you like skiing, snowboarding and all things après-ski, then the Frozen Underground is the greatest imaginary subway ever, for it joins up all your favourite winter resorts.


Frozen-Underground-FU-Sections-02The lines of the Frozen Underground are hauntingly familiar, but yet they have been crafted into mountains complete with trees, cable cars, a skier, snowboarder and a fine mountain hut. The “stations” include all those resorts we love such as Morzine, St Anton, Whistler and Tunbridge Wells, while the routes include the Après-Ski and Le Vin Chaud lines.
From this just being a fantastic imaginary network, it is now growing in lore and myth, with stations having “history” and new lines are “opened” where yetis roam. The maps also show the host towns of their own Frozenolympics – the winter games that take place every four years, and which are blatantly copied by the “real” olympics. The cheek of some people!

You can get the whole idea from their two-minute movie trailer here: www.frozenunderground.com

Frozen-Underground-Sections-08Currently they have three maps: the Central Network (Europe based but including Canada, USA, Australia, Argentina, Russia, Morocco and Iran!), Austria and France, but USA is set to follow soon.

These maps may be customised to any degree: replace a single station with your bar/apartment/business etc., or for more corporate clients, change everything to include all your resorts/properties. Take a look here at what others have done: bit.ly/FUYourMap

Frozen Underground Art is perfect for anyone who loves the snow, goes on winter holidays, has a friend who loves skiing or has a space on their wall to remind them of their favourite resort.