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Five Reason to Never Overlook a Ski Lesson

Skiers at all levels are to some extent guilty of poo-pooing the offer of ski lessons from time to time – all of whom of course have their apparent good reasons. Some think they are above the idea of lessons, some think there are better ways to learn, others take pride in going it alone, some question the costs and so on and so forth. On the surface there are therefore many reasons why a person may overlook a ski

How to Ski for Cheap…VERY Cheap

Is it possible to get into the wild and wacky world of skiing for free? Of course not…as much of a shame as it is. However, ask if it is possible to ski without having to consider a remortgage on the family home and the answer is surprisingly different. The people of the UK seem to have got it into their heads that skiing in, say, the French Alps or the Dolomites is something that is reserved for only the

Counterfeit Ski Equipment – Seriously?

It is beginning to look as though no industry, market or sport the world over is safe from the influence of counterfeit manufacturers and general dodgy dealers. Until recently, it had been suggested that at least skis and snowboards had the potential to remain unaffected to a significant extent, for the simple fact that creating counterfeits of either or would be too difficult and expensive in its own right. Sadly, and as if to serve up a slap in the

When’s the Best Time for a French Alps Ski Holiday?

Ask the above question to anyone that has ever been to this dreamy corner of the world and chances are that every last one will have a different answer. Truth is, it depends what you’re looking from a ski holiday and therefore while there is no right and wrong time to visit per se, there IS a right and a wrong time for everyone on a person by person basis. So, if wondering when to make that booking, consider the

Ski School: Rookie Mistakes You’ll Wish you Never Made

Everyone has their own idea of ski school 101 – i.e. the fundamental basics anyone should come to terms with before considering a foray on the slopes. On the flipside of the equation however there are just as many examples of what NOT to do as a rookie and there are of what any polite and sensible skier should be doing as standard. So, with this lesser-covered category in mind, here are five of the most common rookie mistakes of

How Not to Make a First Impression on the Slopes

Every year, hundreds of thousands of plucky Brits make this the year to strap on a pair of skis and hit the slopes for the very first time. Of these hundreds of thousands, the overwhelming majority will come home having found not only a new hobby, but also making a few new friends along the way. The ski community in general is one of the most outgoing and sociable in the world and if you play your cards right they

Five Easy Ways to Ruin a Ski Holiday

Nobody ever has or ever will embark upon a ski holiday with the intention of coming home with a headful of memories they wish they could forget. Likewise, none would ever like to see their ski trip come to an abrupt halt and waste both their hard earned money and time. However, Brits in record numbers are proving to be their own worst enemies when it comes to making a ski jaunt one to remember for all the wrong reasons,

Train in Val d’Isere and Tignes to Become a Ski Instructor

Is there any bigger buzz than perfecting the art of skiing and putting your skills to good use on the world’s toughest runs? Indeed there is – helping others to find their feet, spread their wings and take to the slopes in the French Alps as competent newcomers. Roughly translated, there’s nothing in the world quite as rewarding as teaching others to do what you yourself are crazy about – in this case, skiing. Of course, while millions the world

French Alps Annual Events and Festivals

Along with the very finest skiing in the world, dozens of towns, villages and resorts spanning the French Alps have incredibly exciting annual events calendars covering pretty much all seasons and tastes. From wonderfully traditional harvest festivals to thumping music events and right through to locally organised youth festivals, it is always worth having a look in advance of a trip to find out just what might be happening. The list is extensive and changing every year, but the following

Alpine Walking Clothing – The Very Basics

If you’re something of a seasoned mountain-trekker with the kind of wardrobe Bear Grylls would be proud of, forgive this rather basic introduction. However, if you’re more of a casual walker with a fondness for simple trails and happen to be considering your first amble through the Alps, you might benefit from knowing exactly what clothing you’d be wise to invest in, as opposed to refreshing your whole wardrobe at great expense and little everyday benefit. A good way of

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