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Counterfeit Ski Equipment – Seriously?

It is beginning to look as though no industry, market or sport the world over is safe from the influence of counterfeit manufacturers and general dodgy dealers. Until recently, it had been suggested that at least skis and snowboards had the potential to remain unaffected to a significant extent, for the simple fact that creating counterfeits of either or would be too difficult and expensive in its own right. Sadly, and as if to serve up a slap in the

When’s the Best Time for a French Alps Ski Holiday?

Ask the above question to anyone that has ever been to this dreamy corner of the world and chances are that every last one will have a different answer. Truth is, it depends what you’re looking from a ski holiday and therefore while there is no right and wrong time to visit per se, there IS a right and a wrong time for everyone on a person by person basis. So, if wondering when to make that booking, consider the

Essential Megeve Travel Tips – Car Rental or Taxi?

Most people heading to Megeve at the very heart of the French Alps from Geneva Airport opt for any of the dozens of taxi transfers, or for a car rental of their own. Largely a decision of personal preference of course, both has fair share of ups and downs, along with a range of tips to follow and points to consider before going ahead. Probably the most important thing to bear in mind for any person heading to the French

fresh snowfall secures the ski season in the Alps

The 2011 ski season has been rescued by continuous fresh snow falls across the Alps. The snowfall means that conditions have continued to improve in most ski resorts. Resulting visibility has been poor over recent days, but the forecast is for sunshine and clear, blue sky. The snow could have not come any sooner All ski resorts across the Alps have been reporting fresh snow over the past week, in some cases it was the first fresh snow since early

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