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When’s the Best Time for a French Alps Ski Holiday?

Ask the above question to anyone that has ever been to this dreamy corner of the world and chances are that every last one will have a different answer. Truth is, it depends what you’re looking from a ski holiday and therefore while there is no right and wrong time to visit per se, there IS a right and a wrong time for everyone on a person by person basis. So, if wondering when to make that booking, consider the

Ski School: Rookie Mistakes You’ll Wish you Never Made

Everyone has their own idea of ski school 101 – i.e. the fundamental basics anyone should come to terms with before considering a foray on the slopes. On the flipside of the equation however there are just as many examples of what NOT to do as a rookie and there are of what any polite and sensible skier should be doing as standard. So, with this lesser-covered category in mind, here are five of the most common rookie mistakes of

Ski Insurance Warning Reissued to Brits

According to leading insurance bodies across the UK, no less than one million festive holidaymakers will be toying with fate by hitting the French Alps over the Christmas period without adequate insurance. The popularity of these kinds of holidays is literally skyrocketing year after year, with almost 18% of all UK adults having indicated their intentions to take a ski or snowboarding holiday this year. Worryingly however, upwards of 10% admitted that they have no intention of buying any insurance

Your Friendly Guide for Avoiding a Ski-Free Summer

If you’re one of the millions who every year dreads the thought of the warm weather approaching and the melting of your beloved snow, chances are the summer months are about as depressing as it gets. True, the web might be spattered with a million and once ideas to keep you busy away from the slopes, but we all know that there are some itches that simply cannot be scratched with substitutes. You might be pleased therefore to learn that