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French Alps Annual Events and Festivals

Along with the very finest skiing in the world, dozens of towns, villages and resorts spanning the French Alps have incredibly exciting annual events calendars covering pretty much all seasons and tastes. From wonderfully traditional harvest festivals to thumping music events and right through to locally organised youth festivals, it is always worth having a look in advance of a trip to find out just what might be happening. The list is extensive and changing every year, but the following

Essential Megeve Travel Tips – Car Rental or Taxi?

Most people heading to Megeve at the very heart of the French Alps from Geneva Airport opt for any of the dozens of taxi transfers, or for a car rental of their own. Largely a decision of personal preference of course, both has fair share of ups and downs, along with a range of tips to follow and points to consider before going ahead. Probably the most important thing to bear in mind for any person heading to the French

Essential Considerations Before Choosing a Ski Resort

Narrowing your choice of ski destinations down to the French Alps for example really won’t cut it, as there are some enormous differences from resort to resort that can affect a trip as a whole. Of course, every last one has something truly exceptional to offer in its own way, but in order to ensure you get the very most out of your trip along with those around you, be sure to consider the following: How advanced are you…honestly? A

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