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Take The Frozen Underground To All Your Favourite Ski Resorts: Next Stop Val d’Isère!

Frozen Underground are the creators and producers of the world-wide iconic art snow phenomenon: maps based on the classic London Underground system with a heap of snowy fun thrown in. If you like skiing, snowboarding and all things après-ski, then the Frozen Underground is the greatest imaginary subway ever, for it joins up all your favourite winter resorts. The lines of the Frozen Underground are hauntingly familiar, but yet they have been crafted into mountains complete with trees, cable cars, a skier,

Affordable Family Ski Holidays During School Break

As a family, ski trips are likely to be restricted to the school holidays which can mean higher prices and busier slopes. But be flexible on where you ski and you’ll find that affordable holidays and avoiding the crowds are easily achievable. For the best value ski breaks avoid the biggest resorts and opt for lesser-known destinations, such as Åre in Sweden and Trysil in Norway. Take your time when booking and look out for half term ski deals and

Booking Ahead – Why You’ll Wish You Did!

Some people will argue until blue in the face that there is no right or wrong when it comes to booking in advance Vs turning up and sorting it out on the day. Assuming however that you’re looking for your French Alps ski holiday to be an outright pleasure and a positive experience however, ‘they’ could not be more wrong.   Sure there might be times and places where the contrary rings true, but you can rest assured with 100%

French Alps for Families – What to Consider when Taking the Kids Along

More families than ever before are taking their kids along on French Alps ski holidays, most of whom are finding it to have been the best decision they could ever have made. There’s really nothing average about a family ski holiday when it comes to making memories and bonding, but it has to be said that it’s not exactly the kind of holiday that qualifies as risk-free or without its unique list of concerns. Nevertheless, it’s most just a case

Top Tips for Scoring the Best Deals on Ski Accommodation

Skiing has never been and sadly never will be the most bargain-basement of pursuits, though is of course worth every penny and more. Lucky for most us, skiing is at least no longer reserved for the very upper-echelons of society and even those of us holidaying on a shoestring are finding savvy ways and means to hit the slopes without taking too big a hit to the wallet. We are firm advocates for milking enjoyment out of the lowest expenditures

Tignes and Val d’Isere – All You Need to Know

The world famous ski mecca of Espace Killy in the French Alps is comprised of the Val d’Isere and Tignes resorts – two absolutely unmissable locations for anyone with the slightest taste for the white stuff. What’s more, Tignes and Val d’Isere are without a shadow of a doubt two of the best resorts in the Alps for year-round fun and games, with tons of pursuits stretching right through into the summer. Even on paper, the resorts need little selling

Resort Mini-Guides: Courchevel

One of the most popular though somehow often overlooked resorts in all of the French Alps is Courchevel – a stunning area home to five of the best resorts you’ll find in the Three Valleys. All in all, travellers making their way to Courchevel will have a good 150 km+ of runs to choose from, over 60 lifts taking care of the uphill stuff and some of the most highly-reputed hospitality in Europe. Needless to say, it all seems to

La Plagne in a Nutshell

Of all the resorts in the French Alps, one of the names that often goes overlooked in terms of first-picks for the masses is La Plagne – and what a shame this is! Rather than a single resort in its own right, La Plagne is in fact the collective name of a group of purpose-built ski villages and resorts high up in the Tarentaise area. What’s more, the 2003 link between La Plagne and Les Arcs has opened up literally

Courchevel – Four Villages, One Stunning Year-Round Resort

Each and every year, more and more towns, villages and resorts all over the French Alps are being discovered by the tourist hoards heading over for their annual jollies on the white stuff. More often than not it doesn’t take long at all for the next big thing to become yesterday’s news, or the biggest secret in the Alps to become the most over-travelled destination of them all and lose most if its lustre. If fact, it takes something really

How to Ski for Cheap…VERY Cheap

Is it possible to get into the wild and wacky world of skiing for free? Of course not…as much of a shame as it is. However, ask if it is possible to ski without having to consider a remortgage on the family home and the answer is surprisingly different. The people of the UK seem to have got it into their heads that skiing in, say, the French Alps or the Dolomites is something that is reserved for only the

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