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When’s the Best Time for a French Alps Ski Holiday?

Ask the above question to anyone that has ever been to this dreamy corner of the world and chances are that every last one will have a different answer. Truth is, it depends what you’re looking from a ski holiday and therefore while there is no right and wrong time to visit per se, there IS a right and a wrong time for everyone on a person by person basis. So, if wondering when to make that booking, consider the

Train in Val d’Isere and Tignes to Become a Ski Instructor

Is there any bigger buzz than perfecting the art of skiing and putting your skills to good use on the world’s toughest runs? Indeed there is – helping others to find their feet, spread their wings and take to the slopes in the French Alps as competent newcomers. Roughly translated, there’s nothing in the world quite as rewarding as teaching others to do what you yourself are crazy about – in this case, skiing. Of course, while millions the world

French Alps Annual Events and Festivals

Along with the very finest skiing in the world, dozens of towns, villages and resorts spanning the French Alps have incredibly exciting annual events calendars covering pretty much all seasons and tastes. From wonderfully traditional harvest festivals to thumping music events and right through to locally organised youth festivals, it is always worth having a look in advance of a trip to find out just what might be happening. The list is extensive and changing every year, but the following

Quick Tips for Successful Family Ski Breaks

Some see the idea of a family ski trip as nothing less than quality time at its finest, while others argue is as a fast-lane to a nervous breakdown. In either case, more and more families are heading to the slopes each and every year with younger and more plentiful children than ever before. And what’s more, most are heading back on a regular basis having found that it turned out to be the greatest decision they ever made! Yes

Your Friendly Guide for Avoiding a Ski-Free Summer

If you’re one of the millions who every year dreads the thought of the warm weather approaching and the melting of your beloved snow, chances are the summer months are about as depressing as it gets. True, the web might be spattered with a million and once ideas to keep you busy away from the slopes, but we all know that there are some itches that simply cannot be scratched with substitutes. You might be pleased therefore to learn that

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